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V-locity Acceleration Software




V-locity® is an I/O reduction and caching software solution that increases application performance in virtual, physical and cloud environments by 50% or more without the cost of additional hardware.

By optimizing I/O at the Windows OS level (virtual or physical server) – as close to the application as possible – V-locity dramatically reduces the number of I/Os required for any given workload, thus reducing latency and increasing bandwidth from server to network to storage.

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Dramatically Faster Application Performance

In addition to physical and cloud infrastructures, V-locity significantly improves the efficiency of all VMware ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual platforms by optimizing both reads and writes, allowing more data to be packaged into each I/O request while also caching active data within available server memory. The result is unprecedented application performance gains from a 100% software solution whereby customers typically double or triple the productivity of applications on the infrastructure they already have.

Target Applications

V-locity accelerates any I/O-intensive workload and scales as intensity increases. This goes for read-heavy and write-heavy applications since V-locity has optimization engines to address both.

V-locity is particularly effective on any kind of IT job or batch processing job that takes minutes to hours to complete, e.g., medical records, billing, payroll, financial documents, report queries, insurance claims, student records, art files, and backup.

V-locity is proven to dramatically improve SQL, Oracle, Exchange, VDI, backup, EHR/EMR (MEDITECH), CRM (Salesforce), web servers, Business Intelligence (BI) applications, file servers, and more.

See V-locity case studies to learn more about application performance »

Performance Validation

V-locity is bundled with self-auditing benchmark software that provides a before-and-after performance comparison to validate performance gains prior to purchase. All key metrics needed to establish a “proof of concept” are report-ready, showing metrics based on real-world use:

  • I/Os per second
  • I/O per GB
  • KB per I/O
  • Response time
  • Workload comparisons

For more on V-locity, download the datasheet »


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